Who Can You Trust? by Casey King

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This is the story of a woman who found what she really needed in one special man.

 Who can you trust?                                                        

 "I'm the one you can trust. Your secrets are safe with me. Ignore the voices and trust me" he said. Laura turned around to see who was talking to her or maybe she's just hearing things; she continues walking.  She looked around and finally saw the man who spoke those comforting words. She walked closer to him as he smiles. "How do I know for sure?" Laura asked. As he stretches out his hand toward her, she starts crying. She suddenly knows who he is, the One she's heard about, she reaches out for his other hand and hugs him. Ignoring the peoples glances and stares as they walk by, she keeps hugging him. He is not the kind of man who has alot of money, his clothes are kinda old looking, he has a 5 o clock shadow and his short, black hair is not so short anymore. She suddenly knows that she is safe in his arms! Her whole life has always been filled with uncertainty, and now for once she can let down her guard.

He backs up to look at her. Neither of them says a word, he studies her face, so well in fact that she sure he's looking into her soul, and knows what’s in her heart. Then he says, "You've run after so many things and had so many issues in your life, why come to me as a last resort?" (Matthew 11:28) With a sad look on his face, he continues, "Why do you think I can't satisfy?" Laura looks at him disappointed and says, "I don't know." The deeper she looks into his eyes she notices how peaceful and beautiful they make her feel. Then he says, "I have so much for you, but you must wait." (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:25) "You have said time and time again that you don't need me, but you do. You need me more than you can imagine. My dear, My dear, you've chased after so many things; men in bars, wanting to look like the women in magazines, food, cars, alcohol and drugs to help you cope,
but they don't work do they?"

As they kept walking all these thoughts kept racing through her mind, I know he's right. I knew something was missing. He was right about everything.  Could this be the beginning of my new life? How could I just turn my back on the life I know all so well? I'm 26 and have everything I've ever wanted, how could I just throw all this away? What will my friends and family think? Recalling the year when i was 17, a fight I had with my dad about my drinking again. I'm frantically walking around in my room trying to find clothes as i pack to leave, he comes in my room waving a beer bottle and a cigarette butt in my face yelling, "Get out, your not welcome here anymore. Your mom is having enough problems as it is. She and I don't need your mess too!" Laura shakes her head at that memory and wonders what went wrong. Why did I push my father over the edge like that? As they kept walking in silence, she thought, Am I strong enough to leave everything behind?

Can I really find everything I'm looking for in this man alone? What will my parents think? Suddenly she notices how dark it was getting. Then he stops, turns towards her and says, "Stop doubting and trust me. I can be there for you when everyone walks away." Laura is overwelmed with emotion again, hugs him and says, "I have never known a love like this before!" She smiles while pulling away, looks at him and he is smiling back. After a few minutes, they start walking again. Laura sees a well lit bench across the street and says,"Lets go sit down over there." She points towards the bench they make there way across the street and sit down. Laura sits towards him and asks, "Why did you choose me? I'm a mess." He gently takes her hand, looks deep in her eyes and says, "Because I love you Laura and I've been waiting for you to come find me. I've been watching you all these years as you made mistakes and longed for you to pursue me.
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