School Papers (Page Two)

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If you think essays have to be miserable...

Feel free to read these just for fun or even for use in your own school papers. I'll also be happy to proofread for you if you like! The links are ordered top to bottom from the earliest written papers to the most recent.


This was supposed to be the scariest research paper in my school (or at least it was the scariest one I heard about). The assignment was to write a paper in MLA Format about whatever we wanted so long as we took a slant on our topic. The reason this paper was considered to be the "terror" of all the English 1101 classes was because my teacher was a staunch grammar Nazi. She took off five points for every comma mistake, ten for punctuation (I think), and fifteen for every run-on or fragment. On top of all that the works cited page had to be perfect. Most of my class didn't even score a B. As a matter of fact, the woman had me terrified because she was so angry with the class about our poor grades on this thing. But as it turns out I scored an A! And I was one of the only ones. Booya! Yell
We had to pick a question to research in my Comp II class at KSU, and I chose to ask if any new propulsion technologies had been invented around the world recently. This is what I found.
We can teleport things now. I'm being completely serious. I wrote this research paper a few weeks ago, and astonished people with this information. What is this world coming to?? Click the above link to find out more. Wink
Here is a paper about an idea for effectively eliminating traffic accidents. Take a look. Wink