Writ of Wonder

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Writ of Wonder


-Travis Martin


            Being an avid writer, Travis sat behind his desk punching away at his computer. He was writing a book about a beautiful, lost girl named Lisa who was caught up in a mad world of global catastrophe. It was 1:38 AM and he was getting sleepy.

            He rubbed his eyes. His thoughts were getting cloudy as he became more and more tempted to go to bed. But no. He had to press on. His story was just getting to the exciting part and he wanted to finish up the final touches to a particular battle scene between the USFC and World Union.

            Suddenly he felt the presence of someone else in the room. None of the doors or windows had opened, so this worried him a little. It was the feeling of being watched closely, almost like having someone look over his shoulder at everything he was doing.

            Travis turned around. To his startling discovery, a middle aged man stood behind him with a smile on his face. It wasn’t an evil smile, but rather a genuine, fatherly smile. Travis didn’t say a word. He just stood there, not knowing what to do.

            “I know this is startling.” The man said with a calm voice, “But you don’t need to worry.”

            “Who – who are you?” Travis stuttered. Strangely enough he wasn’t afraid anymore, but rather comforted by the man’s peculiar presence.

            “You know me and I know you. I am who I am.”

            Travis looked at the man quizzically.

            The man smiled as he turned over his hands. There was a scar on each of his palms.

            “Are you - ?” Travis gasped.

            “Yes.” Jesus replied. “I like to call them victory scars.”

            “I wrecked on a dirt bike once.” Travis joked. “My friends called mine victory scars too.”

            The Lord laughed. “Travis, I have something to show you that will change your perspective on writing forever.” He then took a gold ring from one of his fingers and placed it on Travis’s desk.

            The room around them vanished and they found themselves in a golden palace.

            Stunned, Travis looked around. Everything sparkled with brilliant colors. There were even colors he had never seen before. All sorts of beautiful people were walking to and fro between various places. They all seemed to be happy – not a single one of them seemed to have any trace of pain or bitterness on their faces.

            Jesus took him to a nearby hallway. As they walked, they came to a bronze door with all sorts of encryptions on it.

            As Jesus squeezed the handle, the encryptions on the door came to life. All sorts of symbols danced around them with magnificent colors. It reminded Travis of a mystical key in an old school video game.

            They walked inside. There was a desk with a lamp on it. Underneath the light casted by the lamp, however, was a beautiful handwritten book encased with leather.

            Jesus looked at Travis and nodded. “Sit down and read this.”

            Travis sat down and stared at the first page. The handwriting was distinctly beautiful, yet not elegant. He began reading.

            “There once was a man who walked the Earth with a soul of weakness. This weakness was not to be a burden, however, as that was just how he was designed to be. He had blonde, curly hair and green eyes. He was five foot-eleven and had a lean physique. His eyes could speak stories of silver, and his lips songs of gold. His feet could walk the paths of the stars. But where did these wonders come from? But the majesty of Almighty God alone. God spoke the stories of silver and sang the songs of gold. And it was His feet that rested on the stars.

            This man’s birth date was September the seventh in the year nineteen-hundred eighty-eight after Christ’s birth. His name was Travis Alan Martin.”

            Travis paused and looked up. Standing before him was himself, looking off into the distance with a twinkle in his eye. Jesus stood behind the second Travis smiling, with his hand on his shoulder.

            “Keep reading.” He said. “Turn the page.”

            Travis turned the page. It was no longer in the beautiful handwriting, but rather his own. He read on about his life and everything that had happened so far. Before he knew it, as though no time had passed at all, he came to an empty page. Letters appeared as he looked. They said, “He stared at the page intently, as his life was being written before him.”

            Just then the book snapped shut in front of his face. He looked up and found himself standing where the second Travis had been standing moments before. Jesus had His hand on his shoulder now, and the book was back on the desk.

            Jesus’s face became serious. “You see, all creation was created this way. But then I gave humanity the pen of his life so he could have free will. I immerse myself in each book that has my name written in man’s handwriting. I cherish those dearly, their titles written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.”

            They walked to another room. The doorway had a sign above it that contained two words: Creation and Existence. As they walked inside, Travis looked around. The room was brilliantly lit and there were books of all shapes and sizes as far as the eye could see. In the middle of the room was a giant book with the title Universe.

            The Lord spoke one last time. “Trust me always, my son. Never forget what you have seen. This is important.”

            Suddenly a page towards the end of Universe opened and Travis found himself flying through the stars. Galaxies strung together; the magnificent Milky Way came into view. It stretched out in a spiral shape containing colors scientists could have never imagined. Some stars were blue, some red, and some were in between. The galaxy sparkled with a beautiful eeriness, just before he found himself floating into one of the outward arms. The earth appeared before him and he began falling towards the surface. Clouds flew upward as he fell toward the ground. The wind whistled around him. He could then see his home, Hillcrest, rising up to meet him. The next thing Travis knew he was back in his room sitting at his desk.

            Everything was exactly as it was when he had left. His computer was still on and the cursor blinked just where he had left off in his story. He wondered if he had dozed off and dreamt the whole thing. But there was a gold ring sitting on his desk. It really was real…

            He picked up the ring. It had a knob made of gold on top that was strangely plain. There were no inscriptions or any kind of colors on it.

He slid it on his finger. Suddenly, blue letters began to shine on the knob: “The Writer’s Ring of Life” it read. He immediately took it off and put it in one of the desk drawers.

            Travis suddenly felt tired again and closed his laptop. He then climbed into his bed and turned off the light.




            Several days later, Travis decided to write in his book again. As he sat down at his desk, his ideas refused to surface.

            “Writer’s block.” He mumbled to himself. Travis scratched his head, urging a new thought to be birthed.

            Then he thought about Lisa and how he had written her to be the perfect girl for him. A smile formed across his lips as a crazy idea was spun to life. He grabbed a pen and notebook to begin a new story.

He wrote about a beautiful girl and what she was to be like. The words he used were unlike any he had ever used before.

Travis looked up only to see that he was still by himself. He continued writing – only this time he opened the drawer and put on the ring. The letters on the ring changed: “Life to be Given.” He looked up.

Before him stood the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She was slender and had flawless curvature, as her tight fitting jeans and shirt wrapped to her form. Her face was soft and round – just like the girl of his imagination. Her soft blonde hair dangled loosely just past her shoulders.

Lisa stood there motionless and without life. Travis grabbed the pen and notebook and placed each in her hands. She still didn’t move.

“Write your life.” Travis said. The paper and pen instantly disappeared as Lisa blinked and looked around the room. Her eyes met Travis’s.

“Jason?” Lisa whispered.

“No. But you’re close.”

Lisa realized who it was. It was the boy who had written her story and herself into existence.

“Travis?” she whispered even softer.

Travis stood up from his desk. In his mind Lisa was beautiful, but in person she was magnificent. They both stretched out their arms and hugged one another. She felt tiny to him.

When they left each other’s embrace, Lisa walked over to the window and looked out. “So this is what your world is like.”

Travis sat down on his bed and looked at her, still having trouble swallowing the fact that she was now real. “Yes. It’s much like yours actually. You’re in the state of Virginia in the year 2008. In your world that would make you only...” He paused as he did the mental arithmetic. “Uh, that would make you three.”

“That’s not weird at all.” Lisa said as a matter-of-factly while continuing to peer out the window. She looked out over the rolling hills that led to the mountains way off in the distance. “It’s so beautiful! You’re lucky you get to look at this every day.”

“You tend to stop noticing after a while…especially with the way life can bring you down in a hurry.”

She turned around, her eyes scanning the room as if she had paid no attention to what he just said.

“Travis, you live like a pig.” She said through a laugh.

He shifted his posture uncomfortably. “It’s my school. It takes up so much of my time that I can barely write your story, much less keep my room clean. Lots of people consider my priorities to be…backwards.”

She sat down next to him on the bed. “This really bothers you doesn’t it?”

He nodded.

“Well if it makes you feel any better, where I come from sometimes you’ve gotta make do with what you’ve got…or don’t got.” She paused. “It’s okay to be in that kind of situation, you know. I mean, if life’s pulling you by the end of your rope, then just give it your best. Whatever happens, happens.”

Travis looked at her. “You really are an amazing girl. You can actually understand a problem when you see one.”

Lisa smiled. “Well you wrote me that way after yourself didn’t you?”

“Not exactly.”

A confused expression appeared across Lisa’s face. “How is that possible?”

“I don’t just shape characters after myself. Believe me, much of the way you are was shaped after someone who was very special to me. She had the ability read me just as you can.”

Lisa carefully took in what he said. “I take it things didn’t go too well with this person.”

Sadness seemed to creep over Travis’s eyes. “We had our differences…and we said a few things we shouldn’t have.”

“What happened to this girl?”

“Well, she lives in Atlanta and is with someone else.”

Lisa’s expression became distant for a moment. “Have you tried talking to her to make things right?”

“Not yet. She hates me…and I’m pretty sure she thinks I hate her too.”

“But you love her don’t you.”

Travis winced. He didn’t want to say the truth – what it meant to him. But he realized that Lisa already knew anyway. “Yes.” His voice became quiet. “More than she can ever know.”

A long awkward silence followed. Lisa finally broke it by asking Travis difficult questions about her future.

“What’s gonna to happen to me and my family?”

“Just wait. I can’t ruin the story for you.” Travis said through a smile.

Lisa didn’t smile back. “Why did you write it so my family is going through so much struggle right now?” she demanded.

His face reddened. He looked at Lisa and noticed a tear rolling down her left cheek. His gaze met the floor.

What came next Travis should have expected. Lisa slapped him as hard as she could.

            He felt the sting tingle throughout his face and looked at Lisa. She sobbed as she held her head within her hands. “It’s so hard. My life – it’s in chaos because of you!”

            Travis placed his hand on her shoulder. To his surprise, she didn’t push him away.

            “Lisa.” He spoke softly. “It’s going to get better, I promise. Your parents are going through a rough time right now, enough to make them act different. This is about to change. Don’t you worry.”

            She looked up at him. Travis stuck out his hand and wiped a tear from her eye. Lisa took his hand and placed it next to her on his bed. She leaned forward and hugged him, putting her face just next to his. Travis could feel her warm breath on his skin. She gently grazed her hand over his face where a red handprint stood out. She leaned back and looked at him with soft, brown eyes. To Travis, her eyes were like looking into a crystal clear stream, where he could see straight to the bottom…just like someone else he knew.

            “Do I have hope?” Lisa asked.

            “What do you mean?”

            “My life – is it going to get better? Is it worth anything?”

            Travis took Lisa’s hand and looked her straight in the eyes. “Lisa, you’re one of the most important characters in my book. Your life is worth so much more than you know. And yes, it’s going to get better – much better.”

            Lisa smiled. “It’s too bad that I’m only in your book. I think I could really like you if given the chance.”

            “Well that’s probably because I wrote you to be attracted to Jason…and he and I are a lot alike.”

            Lisa looked at him, her eyes piercing deep into his soul. “Are you and Jason one in the same?”

            “To an extent. He doesn’t know I exist like you do.”

            “Do you share the same feelings?”

            Travis wondered where this was going. “We share all of them.”

            “Even the ones for me?”

            “In my world you’re a completely different person – someone from my past. So yes. In a way we do share the feelings for you.”

            Lisa leaned in and kissed his cheek, right where she had slapped him only minutes before.

            Again there was another pause.

            “You know you can stay here with me. I can always write in another character.” Travis said.

            Lisa moved closer to him. She leaned in and pressed her forehead against his. “You know you can’t do that. Your story is my destiny.”

            Just then she gently kissed him. Travis closed his eyes. Her kiss was long and full of the passion he had been waiting for since his loneliness began. Then she slowly pulled away. Travis could still feel the wetness of the kiss on his lips.

            Lisa stood up and walked over to Travis’s laptop, still sitting on the desk. She looked at him and then said, “If you allow it, I’ll see you again someday – perhaps after my story is complete.”

            “Yes, perhaps so.” Travis spoke with a sad voice. He didn’t need to ask her what she was doing. He already knew.

Lisa placed her left hand on his keyboard and waved slightly with her right. Her eyes seemed sad despite the soft smile imprinted on her lips. Her expression spoke a thousand words and nearly brought a tear to Travis’s eye.

She disappeared. There was a smack as the notebook and pencil hit the floor where she had just been standing. Silence filled the room. She was gone. Travis kept wondering if he had imagined everything, but this time he knew better. Just then he noticed his story on the computer screen. To his amazement, letters appeared on the screen as it began writing itself from where he left off.

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